Merthyr Tydfil Council Restricts Access To Union Reps

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council is cutting the amount of time staff can spend with union reps.

The move will affect 660 workers represented by public services union UNISON Cymru/Wales. 

Over the last six months alone, UNISON reps in Merthyr Council have dealt with queries on everything from bullying to sexual harassment. 

The local authority is cutting access to union reps for staff from five down to two days a week.

Peter Crews: Unison Branch Secretary said: It is with regret that this  a Council in Wales has decided to reduce facility time of trade unions, In Wales we are trying move forward with the principles of working together in partnership, with employers. UNISON accepts, that the  most challenging times are ahead of us for Local Government services and it will be essential and beneficial for staff and to any employer in having someone available to discuss issues as they arise and avoiding delays on time scales on, Investigations, Disciplinaries, Grievances etc. Also the ability to be available to hold Council officer meeting with the Trade Union as required.

To say UNISON is disappointed is an understatement. The way Merthyr Council has handled this situation and their lack of understanding how this will affect partnership working is shocking.. We have tried to work with the Council in a positive manner, it would seem the Council commitment going forward to working with the Trade Unions and recognising the value they bring to public services is now brought into question.

Unfortunately, we have no other choice than to discuss with our members what appropriate action should be taken.