UN ANTI-RACISM DAY: Cardiff 16th March 2019

As cities march across the world to mark UN anti-racism day, join them to say #NoRacismNoFascism Saturday 16 March London, Glasgow, Cardiff and around the world.

Racism and fascism is on the rise.

The Trump Presidency has inspired a wave of racism and the growth of the far right around the world.

In Britain, a new far-right street movement is attempting to take advantage of the political crisis by scapegoating migrants, refugees and the Muslim community.

From Bolsanoro in Brazil and Le Pen in France to the AfD in Germany and the FO in Austria, racists and fascists are moving off the political margins to centre stage.

A wave of Islamophobic hate crime is continuing to grow, with Muslim women at the sharp end. And there has been a major resurgence of antisemitism.

The Windrush scandal has shown the inhumanity governments ‘hostile environment’. Detention and deportations are destroying the lives of people that are part of the fabric of our society, and thousands of refugees remain stranded in Northern France.

The threat is huge, but together we can turn the tide. This UN anti-racism day we need the biggest, broadest international display of opposition to racism & fascism we have ever seen.

On Saturday 16th March, join us to show that the anti-racist anti-fascist majority is on the march and we will not stop until the rise of racism & the far right has been defeated.