Y Faner Goch – first issue of new branch magazine on its way

Santa's public service helpers keeping the red flag flying

With a new branch, we have a new branch newsletter Y FANER GOCH (The red flag). It will be heading out to all members of the branch by snail mail in the very near futre, it should be with you before christmas. Perfect reading for whilst you are letting your Christmas Lunch go down.

Why Y Faner Goch? Well, the new branch is proud to be a partner for one of the biggest cultural events in the South Wales Valleys, the Merthyr Rising Festival, which commemorates the workers uprising in Merthyr Tydfil in 1831, where the red flag was flown as a sign of protest for the first time – so – Y Faner Goch, is simply a nod to our proud heritage.

In this first issue we have

● RCT and Merthyr UNISON are dead, LONG LIVE CWM TAF LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA!: Why have we merged? What’s the branch going to look like? What will the future be?
● The future of Local Government in Wales; A look at the shape of things to come for local governmnet in Wales
AGM 2017 details: The important bit! Details of the dates and times of the AGM for next year, what positions are up for election, how to submit a motuion and all that jazz. The AGM is the most important meeting of the year, if you are a member of the branch come along and make sure you have your say in the future of the branch.
● Who you lookin’ at? Profiles of the new branch chair and branhc secretary
● Merthyr Rising 2017: A teaser for what is shaping up to be the best thing to hit merthyr since the invention of the electric guitar.

Paper copies are on thier way to members, but you can download the thing here now – Tomorrows Newsletter, at yesterdays prices, today!

download it ‘ere innit y-faner-goch-1-winter-2016-web-version