Day Services and Government Covid Allowance.

We have had a number of queries around Day Services and eligibility for the Government Social care workforce special payment scheme.

It is important to note that the payment is not automatic. Staff need to apply for the payment.

Staff should return an application from provided by the employer

The government guidance states: ‘Workers who are not providing significant levels of personal care and are not eligible for the payment’.

The full guidance on the qualification criteria can be found on the government website

Peter Crews, UNISON Branch Secretary states; “Whilst some workers in Day Services spend very little time on direct persona care, we are aware that some staff in the service will spend most of the day on personal care”.

“The employer is in the process of sending out forms to staff in social care for them to claim the allowance. Staff will need to return the form to receive the payment. If staff do not receive the form, we suggest they write to the employer stating that they do carry our personal care and claim the payment.”

If you have any difficulties, please e-mail the branch office at