New Year Message from the Branch


At this time of year, we often say things like – “Well that was a tough year, let’s get ready for an even tougher one”. But with the cost-of-living crisis, inflation running wild, fuel prices going through the roof, a government so disorganised they had three Prime Ministers in two months, the biggest wave of public sector industrial action the country has seen since the seventies and a government set to pass new anti-union legislation – it has never been truer.

Branch Secretary Peter Crews has taken time out reflect upon the last year and look forward to the next twelve months

The First thing we must do is say thank you to all those staff who had to work over the Christmas New Year period.

It is too easy to forget when we are all at home with our families that there are those who are working to look after our most vulnerable people in our communities and out on our streets, highways and in communities trying to keep us safe. Saying thank you is not enough.

The last few years has brought many challenges for our members and their families and 2022 was no different, from pandemics to financial crisis and you as members have been at the forefront of it all.

2023, in terms of finance, jobs, services this could be the biggest challenge to come. Already many of our members and their families are struggling, the number of members requesting support from the UNISON Welfare section increased throughout 2022. And we are expecting this to get worse going into 2023. Members with having to take 2,3 even 4 jobs just to keep their heads above water. This is no exaggeration.

Unison has already started its negotiations with National Employers for the 2023 Annual Pay Rise, We are looking at all the options we must not keep slipping back in terms of pay, Local Government Staff have had enough of pay cuts. We are currently discussing a Pay rise of Minimum of the Retail Price Index RPI +2%.

WE urge you to make sure your Membership Details are up to date, You can do this by going on-line at the Unison website and check you membership details yourself. Go to My UNISON | UNISON National

Don’t forget, The AGM is around the corner. Make sure you attend and have your say in how the branch is run for the next year.

AGM Details here